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S'Wellness Box

Locally sourced, wellness focused products.

A holistic wellness themed box, supporting Women owned businesses in Ontario. 

We believe well-being and gift giving go hand in heart, which is why we have meticulously created these boxes for the mind, body, and home for everyone and any occasion.

Introducing The S'Wellness Box

With a mission at making holistic health and wellness more accessible to Canadians, we set out on a journey to bring to your doorstep a box filled with mind, body and home wellness products.


The S’Wellness Box is a Nutritionist approved, yogi inspired lifestyle box that delivers premium locally sourced health products and services for the mind, body and home. 


  • At least 4 Full-sized wellness focused items 

  • At least 50% savings off retail

  • 95% of items are from Women founded businesses

  • 75% of items are Made Local in Ontario & Canada


Supporting Women Owned Businesses

Local & Wellness Focused Products

Minimal Eco Packaging

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S'Wellness Box Icons- Purple-02.png
S'Wellness Box Icons- Purple-03.png

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 " The S'Wellness Box takes the stress off trying to figure out what products to buy that are optimal for your health. Stephanie invests the time to research these products top to bottom to ensure you're getting the best products possible! "

" I'm delighted to be looking through my very first S'Wellness Box - a holistic health box for mind, body and home put together by a dear friend, Stephanie Bonetta! Stephanie is able to bring holistic experiences to you and yours through these monthly themed S'Wellness Boxes! She meticulously puts together all of the products and offers yoga, meditation and breath work to go with! "

" The extra touch that Stephanie puts into the boxes like dried rose petals is fantastic. I already ordered my April box and will be ordering 2 for May! " 

" My wife loved the March S'Wellness Box so much that she now wants one every month for the rest of the year! "

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