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About our Boxes and their journey!

S'Wellness Box

With a mission at making holistic health and wellness more accessible to Canadians, we set out on a journey to bring to your doorstep a box filled with mind, body and home wellness products that are locally sourced from Ontario!

The S’Wellness Box is a Nutritionist-approved, yogi-inspired lifestyle box that delivers premium health products and services for the mind, body and home.


Every month, your box will be packed with at least 8 full-size products and valued at a minimum of $200.


Say Hi to our Founder!

Meet Stephanie Bonetta

Stephanie is a Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher & Practitioner for a combined 19 years! 

Her mission is to educate, empower and support you live a natural and healthy lifestyle. She created the S’Wellness Box as a way to reach as many people including in Canada, to bring simple, affordable and effective wellness products and techniques.


She believes and we quote, "I only teach what I preach! This means in every box, I’ll be sharing products and services that have helped me in my own healing journey. I know you will find value and exceptional products that are good for you and will enhance your lifestyle. I hope you enjoy your experience with the S’Wellness Box."

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